Happy Spring! It's a time of new growth and fresh beginnings. If someone forced me to choose a favourite season it would likely be spring. All the snow melts, trees are budding, sun starts shining, it really rakes a lot of the darkness of the winter away!  I also really love spring because my birthday, my boyfriend's birthday and majority of my family really. So spring is full of lots of love and celebrations, and who doesn't like that? 

Typically during the spring I find I'm drawn to pinks and purples, but this year I find myself leaning towards blues and yellows. It feels very fresh and clean. Blue to remind me of the water, #stayhydrated) and the yellow to remind me of the sunshine, mix that in with all the green and this season aesthetic speaks volumes to me! .

CRYSTAL:  Celestite (Celestine) meant to bring peace and harmony as well as reduce stress and obsessive behaviours. I chose this stone because 1) it matches and 2) I just ordered a clustered one and I'm really looking forward to having it to help with slowing down my obsessive over-thinking.

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