How I Set-up and Organize my Bujo Monthly

I have been bullet journaling since 2016 and keeping notebooks/journals/diaries since I was ittybitty. My 2016 bullet journal was a horrible, neglected mess BUT it really put a lot of things on track for me. So when the bujo started trending I decided to really dedicate myself to using one - and I'm so glad I did!

It's been so fantastic at tracking my health, my habits, my money and my hectic life. Since this bujo is still pretty messy, I'm going to hold off on showing my main collections with everyone for the time being and simply start with how I manage my bujo on the monthly. I have the same sort of system each month. Every month I post a new PLAN WITH ME video, if you're into it - check them out! For the most part, they all follow along the lines below.


I like to start each month off a little creatively. So the easiest way I find to incorporate that into my bullet journal was through art vomit/collages/mood boards. It did take some trial and error before I found a method I was comfortable with -aka a glue stick. I take advantage of this space with likely going to start incorporating different mediums, like paints or sticker, scrap book paper, manga clipping etc. I've been sticking with a decorated circle theme. I think next year I'm going to get more creative with these pages, but for the time being it's a good way for me to practice drawing. Obviously you can get creative as you want with this page or simply fit it in on your calendar too. I also like having these pages because it makes finding my monthly chapters easier.


I like being able to cross off the days of the calendar and have a quick reference to what days falls on what day of the week. You know? So this is is just that. My basic calendar for the month. I also like having a monthly affirmation. This is something I've been doing since high school but it's nice to have it written out as a constant refresher. It can be anything from a motivational quote to a song lyric. Basically a bunch of words to give me good vibes for the month.


Exactly what you think it is; your month - at a glance. I love the month at a glance page, makes planning and important dates stand out, so I never miss a meeting, event or bill due-date. It really literally just takes a glance and it puts the whole month into perspective.


I found after years of trying to manage my finances via my noggin that I'm just too impulsive to do it! So starting in August 2017, I've added a monthly expense tracker. Simply a place to write down, record and add up all my expenses for the month - down to the last cup of Timmies. It's proven to keep my on top of my spending habits. The simple added thought of "I have to add this to my tracker" sometimes deters me from buying things I don't need and it makes me think just a tiny bit more before buying my purchases. Not to mention the horrible feeling of regret looking back on the month and finding out you spent $50 on macarons.


I really like the daily habit tracker. It reminds me of a bunch of the little things I need to get done. Keeping track of them makes it really easy for me to recognize what needs to be done and when. Since time is money and I have very little free time, it's important for me to be able to track my lifestyle habits and chores.

A bunch of people I find also do "weekly" trackers instead of a whole month and merge it into their weekly spreads. I suggest trying out both ideas and sticking with the one you feel most comfortable with! I personally like seeing the entire month on one page, gives me a much better first glance reading.


I have used a combination of two methods. The original is using only 2 lines per day. Keep it point form and direct. This works greats for the months I'm not too busy, and up until recently it was all I needed and wanted. If you find you don't use a full weekly layout consider switching to a two line per day layout instead. Minimize your space used!

Your basic run of the mill weekly pages is the other method I frequent. For busier months and more recently I've expanded from two lines per day to a whole spread per week. I realize now that doing a weekly method allows for a lot more room for creativity by the way.


I like to leave myself little notes regarding how my month goes. Little lessons I've learned throughout the month. It could also be a place where I jot down things I'm grateful for or accomplishments I made that month. Not to mention all the bullshit I experienced throughout the month as well. I like being able to look back and see my progress. It's a good way for me to see that I'm developing as a person and my hardwork is paying off!


I have goals set for myself at the beginning of each year. However, I also enjoy making smaller more achievable goals each month. Goals that will help me in the long run. It gives me for goal posts to aim for and I feel far more productive when I'm actively working towards and outcome. Setting mini-goals the entire month keeps me on track to my larger goals and most importantly - my dreams. I also keep a notes section, similar to that of a brain dump. This section is where I jot down anything that's too random to put into my weeklies.


Each month I like to add a bonus page or two. These allow me space to add new collections - like a "Plant's wanted" list or a collage of memories. I mean you obviously can put these pages in at any time, I just specifically make sure there is room in each monthly spread for one as well.

What are your favourite monthly pages in your bujo? Any of them you think I should try out? Let me know on youtube or in the comments below!

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